Who we are

EDEM, the vision
of many.

EDEM comprises of many people who unconditionally support the project, sharing their passion for things done well.

As a Foundation, we have the good fortune to be supported by a Board of Trustees composed of leading Valencian businesses, a Governing Body which acts on its behalf, and an Assembly of Members from different backgrounds who share their knowhow with us.

EDEM and enterprise work hand in hand and have become virtually synonymous.

You feel the entrepreneurial essence from the moment you walk through the door until your training is complete. And from then on, through the ‘Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos’ (Alumni Association), the EDEM experience expands, creating a multitude of new business relations.


Governing Body.

Permanent organ of delegation of the Board of Trustees, it assumes all the attributes and faculties of the governance, representation, and administration of the EDEM Foundation.

Hortensia Roig


President of EDEM

Juan Roig

Honorary President

President of Mercadona

Manuel Palma

Vice President

President of the Palma Group (Grupo Palma)

María José Félix

Vice President

Managing Director Helados Estiu

Gerardo Yagüe


Associate Director Deloitte

Diego Lorente


General Secretary and Managing Director AVE

Héctor Hernández


Managing Director of Marina de Empresas


Management Team.

Training at EDEM is organised into two core areas, with differing objectives and demands: Executive Education and the University Centre.

Hortensia Roig


Elena Fernández

General Director