marina de empresas

The place to be.

A great Enterprise ecosystem, expert in attracting and developing talent.
A fantastic entrepreneurial attraction in the Mediterranean.

The reason why.

Marina de Empresas was created with a mission to train, advise and finance the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow and represents a commitment to the creation of wealth, employment, and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

This initiative is promoted and supported by Juan Roig, president of Mercadona and honorary president of EDEM, to give back to society part of what it has given him.

Marina de Empresas is composed of EDEM, Lanzadera and Angels, three environments where all the essential elements exist to promote individual initiative and talent.

support to the full cycle of entrepreneurship

Training, acceleration, and investment:

“If you give people the opportunities and the means, they become leaders”. Juan Roig

Entrepreneurship cycle



We train executives and entrepreneurs promoting leadership, strong work ethics and the essence of entrepreneurship.



We help companies to implement solid business models based on productivity, effort, and leadership.



We invest in entrepreneurial leaders to develop sustainable businesses in line with our values.


“This idea is a challenge as ambitious as it is exciting”.
Juan Roig

"For many years I have been building, as I continue to do day after day, the dream I had in my youth: of having a business model that is renowned for meeting the needs of its customers, workers, suppliers, society and capital very well.

Throughout this journey of learning, there have been many who have helped me improve along the way. From all of them I have learned that true success comes from the generosity of sharing and placing at the service of your community, your company and society as a whole the knowledge, skills and resources we have”.

— Juan Roig, President of Mercadona